Some methods to avoid repeat exams!

For many young people, the goal of exams is to achieve the necessary requirements to gain access to your desired course. And for many of you, repeating is definitely an option you are hoping doesn’t get in your way of your goals.

Maybe you already are a repeat student, and if so then now is your chance to come out on top. As a repeat student, you may feel the pressure to do better second time around. But whether you are repeating or if this is your first time to sit your exam, did you know that over-worrying about repeating can actually cause you to fail?

Don’t lose focus

Research by psychologists at Harvard University have found that people spend 49.9 percent of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they are doing, and this mind-wandering typically makes them feel unhappy. So you can imagine the effects this can have on your ability to actually retain information in your brain. Researchers at King’s College London have also found that negative thinking may even increase your risk of Alzheimer’s disease in the future!

But how can you banish negative thoughts from your mind?

Scientists have suggested that negative thoughts create “channels” in your brain, which then become your default. When negative thoughts come, you should try to replace them with a positive thought and hold that thought long enough in your mind to create new “channels.” This way, you are in control of what enters your mind.

Envision what your study day will look like before you face into it. Setting goals can help you stay on track and keep your mind firmly focused on the task you need to accomplish.

Still can’t put the “r” word to the back of your thoughts?

Meditate! Scientists have found that a simple breathing meditation for 2-3 minutes may enhance certain brain functions linked to attention and can help avoid unwanted thoughts.

Remember, “positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” – Zig Ziglar, author and motivational speaker

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