Kevin Flanagan has published best selling books on the science of learning and dealing with exam stress to get maximum points.  Kevin was Principal of the NCEF course and served on the exam board at the University of Limerick. He has prepared thousands of students for both theoretical and practical exams. Kevin has created specific content to help you pass your exams at secondary and higher level. 

Kevin Flanagan
Best Selling Author Kevin Flanagan

“Maximum Points, Minimum Panic” was top of the Irish Times best sellers list for 6 weeks and the follow up book “How to get your child Maximum Points” which he co authored with Brian Mooney, former President of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors and Education columnist with the Irish Times topped the charts also. These books had accompanying audio which further enhanced the learning experience and author Kevin Flanagan was on multiple National radio stations explaining the real reason students struggle with studying.

Our goal is to help get students their #1 college course by using our…

  • 6 step system to increase retention by 300%
  • Countdown to Exams Plan prepared by the experts
  • Learn while you sleep Audio
  • How disruptive distractions are for learning and how to ensure they are avoided
  • How to help the brain work to its full potential
You can study each subject for hours, weeks and years but if you haven’t learnt how to study correctly you could be wasting your time. The 5 Step Learning Ladder is specifically designed for ANY STUDENT who is preparing for exams.
It is not subject specific but instead focuses on how to improve your learning of ANY subject. It gives students the step by step system to achieve far better retention skills and improved exam results.
Darragh Pilkington.jpg
Darragh Pilkington, Student, Offaly 
“I struggled to remember information in exams but when Kevin introduced me to mind mapping and his six step revision plan, I was very pleased with the results!”