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The 5 Step Learning Ladder is the based on the core learnings of the Irish Times #1 Best Selling Book by Kevin Flanagan (See About). Modern study techniques, that aren’t taught in many schools, have been shown through research studies to increase grades by 32%.

Are poor study techniques and constant mobile phone distractions going to stop you reaching your potential? Don’t take that risk.

The 5 Step Learning Ladder System with Kevin Flanagan is updated with the latest research to show students exactly how to take notes, study them in specific time blocks, avoid distractions and how to approach every exam paper. Amongst much more!

With online access to the study system you will get 30+ exclusive video modules on…

The 5 Step Learning Ladder 

  1. The secrets to “A” Grade note taking
  2. DEEP Distraction Free Study
  3. The 6 Step Retention System
  4. Learn while you Relax, Rest and Sleep
  5. The Exam Answer System
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How the 30+ modules are presented
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Slide from course on “How to draw a Mindmap”
Screenshot 2016-08-23 14.58.59
Example of Slide from Step 1 – “A” Grade Notetaking

Buy now and you also get 8 BONUS modules including Food and Exercise guide for Studying, the Importance of Family/Friends time and the Learn while you sleep Audio File. Click here to see a video walk-through of module 1 and our learning platform.

Our goal is to help get students their number #1 college course with less stress through a simple to use proven system. Imagine going into the exams more relaxed than ever as you know you have prepared better than anyone else, for less effort.

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Kevin features regularly in National newspapers

Over 90% of Parents and Students believe poor study techniques are the main reason for them not reaching their potential in exams. Mobile phone distractions run a close second in ruining students preparations for important exams. The 5 Step Learning Ladder gives the solution to both issues through easy to follow steps.

Students learn study tactics and techniques that have been shown through research to increase grades by 32% and learn how to beat distractions that if left alone will continue to plague them into college years.

clodagh-dooley Clodagh Dooley, Writer, Dublin

“If you’re sick of late night cramming and want to maintain a healthy social life, I would highly recommend you use the Exam Study Plus System!”

glenda-chop Glenda Chop, NCEF, Dublin
“I have worked with Kevin professionally for many years and have seen him prepare hundreds of students for stressful exams. His techniques are spot on!”

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