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Best Selling Author Kevin Flanagan

Students can study each subject for hours, weeks and years but if you haven’t learnt how to study correctly you could be wasting your time. We’ve ALL sat down to study, looked at our notes and not known where to start. Sometimes you can’t even remember writing those notes!

In the past improving students studying methods was very difficult and expensive. FOUR hour Study Skills workshops regularly sell out, with institutes charging 155 per student to teach these skills over a half day!

Buying The 5 Step Learning Ladder gives students

  1. Direction: A step by step system to achieve far better retention skills and improved exam results alongside a proven note-taking system.
  2. Mentoring: You will develop with guidance and support from experts in the field of learning. Get the secrets and tricks that are helping students in an ever changing exam environment.
  3. Clarity: There is so much information out there and it’s impossible to filter through it and know which method to use. Let us do the hard work for you!
  4. Convenience: 30+ videos and webinars in one place with content being added regularly. Everything needed to ace exams all in one place and easily consumed.
  5. RESULTS!: This is what it’s ALL about. Research has proven that these study methods make a REAL differences. Grades have improved up to 32% by using just one of our techniques.

49 not 109 discount

Fergus Ryan, Teacher, St. Paul’s College, Raheny, Dublin. “Both the parents and students gained enormously from Kevin’s seminar. It had cutting edge advice on up-to-date study techniques, and strategies for handling the growing problem of mobile phone and social media distractions.” 

Cut the amount of time, stress, arguments and guesswork out of the studying process. Everyone deserves a chance to reach their potential. For more information on the study system watch a walk-through of the 5 Step Learning Ladder Module #1 in action below…

The 5 Step Learning Ladder course is completely digital and is taught through 30+, three to eight minute video modules covering everything students need to know to make studying and exams easier and less stressful.

ESP Thinkific image.png
How the 30+ modules are presented

Kevin Flanagan was Principal of the NCEF course and served on the exam board at the University of Limerick. He has prepared thousands of students for both theoretical and practical exams and published the best selling book “Maximum Points, Minimum Panic” which topped the Irish Times bestseller list two years running; followed by “How to get your child Maximum Points”  which he co authored with Brian Mooney, former President of the Institute of Guidance Counsellors and Education columnist with the Irish Times.  

“It’s Never too late or too early to start studying and approaching exams the right way. From when you enter secondary school to when you finish college you will take hundreds of exams and most students are never given the skills and tools to reach their potential.” Creator of the The 5 Step Learning Ladder, Kevin Flanagan.

The 5 Step Learning Ladder is made up of easy to consume online Videos, Webinars, Audio and other bonuses. The 5 key steps for students are simple and easy to adopt right away yet powerful enough to make a real difference in grades…

  1. The secrets to “A” Grade note taking
  2. DEEP Distraction Free Study
  3. The 6 Step Retention System
  4. Learn while you Relax, Rest and Sleep
  5. The Exam Answer System

Buy now and you also get 8 BONUS modules including the Food and Exercise guide for Studying, the importance of family/friend time and the Learn while you sleep Audio File COMPLETELY FREE. This wasn’t included previously as a free bonus so get it while it’s still free.

So What’s the Cost?

The most popular and successful product is The 5 Step Learning Ladder video course which Costs €109 LIMITED LAUNCH PRICE €49 Click here to BUY NOW…

We also provide The Mentor Package which is a full year long study plan with personalised 1-on-1 seminar and study mentoring with Kevin and the ESP Team. This is the most hands on exam preparation you can get. Costs from €495. To arrange a strategy discussion and get more information on The Mentor Package contact us.

You can also buy The 5 Step Learning Ladder Book which will be released on Amazon shortly Costing €12.99 


For the price of a couple hours of grinds you can learn a proven study system which will have immediate impact on your studying and exams results. You will also have access to a private mentoring group on Facebook where all your study questions will be answered. 

Exam results
Prepare the right way and reap the rewards

Our goal is to help students get their #1 college course by teaching the following…

  • Note-taking method that has shown 32% increase in grades
  • 6 step system to increase retention by 300%
  • Countdown to Exams Plan prepared by the experts
  • Learn while you sleep Audio File
  • How disruptive mobile phone distractions are for learning and how to ensure my you avoid them
  • How to help the brain work to its full potential

Is there a guarantee?

YES, it’s RISK FREE! If you watch the full course and don’t think it helped you improve your studying and exams then you can get a full refund just by emailing us within 30 days of purchase! No Quibble, No Issues! The only risk you face is NOT getting the best method for preparing for exams.

Click here to buy before the price returns to €109

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