Hopefully these Frequently Asked Questions will help you. If you can’t get your answer here please free to Contact Us and we will be happy to help…

FAQs for ESP

What do I get when I buy the system?

For this once off price you will gain full access to over 30 videos as well as access to our members only webinars. Included in that you get access to 8 Bonus Modules with information on exercise, nutrition and information on how to deal with leisure time whilst also keeping up with study. You will also have access to a private Facebook mentoring group where you can interact with other course users.

Is this study system only for teenagers studying for school exams?

The 5 Step Learning Ladder is for anyone studying for an exam – from school exams to a Phd.

Learning all the latest, scientifically proven study techniques makes this a course for everyone. Here is the story of an MBA student who went back to study after years working in industry:

“I wish I had read Kevin’s book on study techniques as it would certainly have kept me on track. It contains advice for all ages and levels of academic learning. As an MBA masters student myself I made all the classic mistakes as described by Kevin. Kevin’s system is a lifesaver and I would recommend it to students young and old.’

Padraig Hartigan, MBA, Dublin

Can the 5 Step Learning Ladder be used to study any subject?

Yes, the 5 Step Learning Ladder is unique in that it will give you the best study skills to tackle various subjects. It is a comprehensive system that can be applied to any subject area. This not only applies to secondary level studies, but the course also gives you skills that you can transfer to your college studies and beyond.

What format does the course take?

The ESP study system is an online course for students to use, particularly those coming up to exams. It can be viewed online at any time. However, course creator Kevin Flanagan visits schools around the country and could meet your school if there is a suitable timeframe. Contact us for more details.

Where can I study it? Can it be played on all my devices?

The course can be played on any computer, tablet or smartphone which makes it ideal to take in on-the-go. This allows you to go through the course at your own leisure wherever and whenever is most convenient for you.

Where can I find the course content after I purchase it?

After you have made your purchase you will set up the login details for your account. From there you will be able to access the content at any time on any internet enabled device.

Does my access to the course content expire?

No, your access does not expire. Once you have made the once-off purchase, you have unlimited individual access to course content.

Can I share my account with family and friends?

Sharing your account is not a good idea as each account can only be used by one student on one device at a time. If multiple IPs are recorded on an account it can be suspended as each student should have their own account.

What do I do if I’m not happy with the content after purchase?

If you have watched the course in full and find that it’s not for you, simply email us within 30 days of purchase and we will issue you a full refund. We know the course makes a massive difference to students exam results and are sure if you watched it fully you will reap those benefits. However if you don’t feel 100% happy you will get a “no quibble” refund.

Can it be bought for schools?

Yes it can. If you are interested in purchasing this course for your class, please contact us.